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Berlin Brandenburg Airport A design-finished but unfinished in other regions airport in Berlin. Construction was completed in 2012; however, the opening day was repeatedly pushed back again as the hearth suppression program was installed improperly. It ultimately opened in October 2020.

"Prisencolinensinainciusol" The song exactly where the lyrics are deliberately unintelligible gibberish intended to seem to its Italian audience as whether it is sung in English spoken by having an American accent.

Somatoparaphrenia A kind of delusion through which a sufferer denies possession of the limb or a whole facet of the body.

Five-next rule The notion that food dropped on the ground is Harmless to consume only assuming that It is really picked up inside five seconds.

Rockism and poptimism What occurs when pop tunes fans take them selves way far too critically? Essentially, absolutely nothing pleasurable.

Lily Flagg A Jersey cow that generated document quantities of butter and got a sizable community named for her.

Wenceslao Moguel A Mexican gentleman suspected of working with the Mexican Revolution who survived his execution and ongoing to live sixty one decades afterward.

Shortarse feelerfish Bathumycops brevianalis is really a fish so named for its small anal fins – brevianalis which means "limited anus".

Phobos one Yet one more unsuccessful Mars mission, this time as a result of a improperly-made user interface producing an finish-of-mission command to get unintentionally transmitted on the spacecraft, forever removing the power.

Traumatic insemination A method of mating in invertebrates through which the male stabs the feminine within the abdomen with his penis, and injects his sperm from the wound.

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Crush, Texas A temporary "city" set up as the location of the 1896 publicity stunt, a staged teach wreck. The wreck unexpectedly brought about two deaths and diverse injuries among spectators.

Sacred Band of Thebes An elite battling drive consisting of the hand-picked teams of one hundred fifty pairs of male enthusiasts.

Nylon-having micro organism and creationism The intersection of science and religion in an easy bacteria.

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